[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings --OT ----( The Discovery take off ? )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Aug 2 12:59:10 EDT 2005

I Hagar may have to change my name to H.H.Hagar. ----    "Horrible .Hillbilly Hagar"

I feel totally vindicated. ------------ Today is  02 Aug 2005  ----and there we are in
space modifying a Wal-Mart hacksaw blade ---and attacking the underside of  Discovery
?---ja ? JAWOHL meiner herren.

Limping home  a la Hagar ----am I entitled to a  LOL ? ----sure as shit.

I promised a definition of Hagars --version of STUPID ---If James Hansen said do NOT use
Fram oil-filters ?-   and Hagar ignored that advice ?  ----Hagar would be STUPID.

NASA   ignored a guy saying  the "O" rings are not tested for the low temperature launch.

NASA ignored  damage to heat tiles on take-off ---for 16 days ?  ----(STUPID)

NASA does a "Test" flight with 7 on board ? --(STUPID) -----------I can go on and on-
A Concorde takes off without an inspection of runway ? (STUPID)    -----

The good part of all this ? ----Even in space we need Hagars and Luke Skywalkers.------
Heil Hillbillies.


PS :    in James Hansen land the bailingwire and billy way of doing things has been
refined by many many smart people working the farms.-----for a LOT of years. ----and there
it is DO or Die. economically.

Hacksaw EVA coming up.

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