[Vwdiesel] hot starting problems

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 4 23:14:52 EDT 2005

Well, is his problem with the glow plugs not cycling,
or is it with the starter not spinning fast enough to
start the engine properly?

To the original poster:  How hot is "hot"?  Are you
talking operating temp, or close to that?  (EG, you
just ran into the grocery store for a few things after
a long drive.)

When it is hot, does the starter sound like it is
spinning more slowly?  From the post, that is what I
was thinking.

Sounds more like you've got a "hot start" problem. 
Sounds like you need to install a relay like we were
talking about last week.


--- Mark Shepherd <mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:

> I think this problem  a design fault. I have
> replaced the temperature
> timed sensor circuit with a manual override of 
> 'always full cycle'
> Miser

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