[Vwdiesel] '93 EV DSL - more bizarre goings-on

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took a look at the runaway starter
the *stud* on the solenoid that the big cable from the battery connects
to is *loose*
AND the black plastic cap on the back of the solenoid is cracked where
that bolt goes through it
if I turn that stud the crack opens and closes - something internal is
acting as a 'cam'

That would be the tip of the solenoid contact internal to the solenoid that
is D-ish rectangular shaped revolving on the end of the bolt that is loose
and touching the other contact that the moving solenoid plate continues the
circuit to when it's actuated.  Prolly overtightened the bolt, or tapped it
hard when going in/out with the starter, etc.
Time for a new one.

When the alternator stops, the tach loses signal- The A/C current going to
one diode that's what drives the tach.

Starter is most likely hooped. They don't really much care for running at
anything off idle speed.  Look at the ratio the starter gear has to the ring
gear. It's big.
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