[Vwdiesel] hot starting

Pam & Doug Boes db53248 at alltel.net
Fri Aug 5 23:47:20 EDT 2005

>Well, is his problem with the glow plugs not cycling,
>or is it with the starter not spinning fast enough to
>start the engine properly?
>To the original poster:  How hot is "hot"?  Are you
>talking operating temp, or close to that?  (EG, you
>just ran into the grocery store for a few things after
>a long drive.)
>When it is hot, does the starter sound like it is
>spinning more slowly?  From the post, that is what I
>was thinking.
>Sounds more like you've got a "hot start" problem. 
>Sounds like you need to install a relay like we were
>talking about last week.

The glow plugs don't cycle when the engine is near operating temperature 
and the problem is that the starter doesn't spin the engine fast enough 
when it is near operating temperature for the engine to eventually fire. 
The more times it turns over, the slower the engine turns. I don't think 
a relay will work unless it makes the glow plugs cycle every time before 
turning the key to the start position.
"Hot" does mean at or near operating temperature. The starter doesn't 
sound like it is slower until the engine has turned over a couple of 
times. When the glow plugs cycle, the engine doesn't turn over once 
before it starts. Maybe a half a turn.

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