[Vwdiesel] hot starting

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Aug 6 09:25:45 EDT 2005

The glow plugs don't cycle when the engine is near operating
and the problem is that the starter doesn't spin the engine fast
when it is near operating temperature for the engine to eventually
The more times it turns over, the slower the engine turns. I don't
a relay will work unless it makes the glow plugs cycle every time
turning the key to the start position.
"Hot" does mean at or near operating temperature. The starter doesn't
sound like it is slower until the engine has turned over a couple of
times. When the glow plugs cycle, the engine doesn't turn over once
before it starts. Maybe a half a turn.

If compression not what it used to be  and battery reaching the end of
its life then glowplugs operating (or not) would be one explaination
of the symptoms...

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