[Vwdiesel] '93 EV DSL - more bizarre goings-on

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Aug 6 20:01:31 EDT 2005

Sounds to me like you need a priest!  LOL

Sorry I can't offer any advice really, though the
relay theory (making noises and then causing starter
problems) seems plausable, depending on what the
noises sounded like.


I hagar agrees with David Cook ------ but Rolf needs a LOT more than that.  ----A lot

I Hagar spend many MANY hours trying to help Rolf --out of the Tall Grass in MA. -----SO ?
well first he has to make a WAND and rent the Potter film #1 -----and then learn that what
goes around comes around ? ---JA ? --- Rolf had the help of the very best from here from
day one --Like Loren and many more.  ----with that you are still stuck ? ---THINK ----
Rolf make no mistake --I Hagar admires your staying with it ----stamina ---sort of like
MIKE in Lobster-land  ----starting from scratch sort of .--JA ?

BUT NO    I do NOT admire your understanding of the help we give you.  -----I Hagar
advised you NOT to do a RINGJOB in the Tall grass ? ----JA ? ----I said get your baby
home ---right ? ---JA.
Did you say Hagar you are right ? ----this is NOT a good place to do a RingJob
? -----THINK ?.

You wind up in the Slammer ------so smarten up-----you can do it ---with your stamina----I
am absolutely sure-.,

I Hagar is trucking like crazy  ----because I DO listen and follow advise-----and I NEVER
ignore to read anybody ---and the most CRAZY of all is Mark Shepherd ---BUT MARK my
word --he is NOT as crazy as he's writings seems to suggest.   -----
To sign off ? what can I say ?----Rolf smarten up ----and just maybe you will make it --EH
? ---JA ?.


PS    : so you see a VW Rabbit for sale in Kanada or Amerika ---?    grab it ----if you
are a DIYer-----------it is worth it. ------      I do it for FUN like when I did Rubiks
Cube  ----no need really  ----but I had fun ---WHY ? not you. ? --JA.  ? ----- Now for the
Crazy ---sorry Unusual sisters  ?   NOW  that is even greater FUN.-------the eccentric
Sisters ? ---will that do ? ---JA ?---Sure hope so  ---they are two determined
people ---NO SHIT.---And I Love them.

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