[Vwdiesel] Dying Glow Plug Relays???

paulr reichp at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 6 20:35:19 EDT 2005

Loren, Matt,

Thanks for replying.  Seems to be consensus
about glow plug imbalances and cleaning the
glow plug bar.  Sounds wierd enough to be
the solution!

I'm left wondering how a glow plug unbalance
or worn glow plug bus would keep the relay from
clicking?  They would "click" for 3 weeks and
then stop.....

Off to the TDIforum I go.  Thanks!




LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
> Can't see as harness corrosion would do that because:
> Relay resistance is near zero through switched power to GP's which
> have a  combined resistance of 1/4  ohm ish. So any corrosion
> increases the resistance and increases the mismatch from battery
> supply internal resistance and so decreases power transfer...
> Can it be that your voltage regulation is running too high and
> overloading the relay?
>   Sounds like the same problem Dad's Passat has had since about 6 months 
> after he got it.  Don't remember the code but the "typical" cause of it is a 
> mismatch in resistance between the two glow plug circuits, so I was told.
> Matches what Matt had.  The comparator circuit seems to be a tad 
> oversensitive.
>      Loren
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