[Vwdiesel] UPDATE: Dying Glow Plug Relays???

paulr reichp at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 6 23:14:14 EDT 2005

Hi all!

Quick update....  The wiring and glow plugs for
mismatch/bad connections were OK. Checked for voltages
at the relay. Nothing found.

Then I tried VAG-COM in the "output test" mode. The
test mode made the "bad" glow plug relay open and close
several times, with nice loud clicks.  The overhead
light even dimmed!

The only trouble code I have gotten on Vag-Com is
"glow plug relay/glow plug intermittent".  But there
must be something else going on, because the glow
plug system seems workable......

Where would I look next?  It seems like there should
be some other trouble codes, but there aren't any....

Thanks to everyone who wrote back!


Paul Reich                Electrical Engineer

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