[Vwdiesel] wanted: glow plug relay harness

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Sun Aug 7 04:02:38 EDT 2005

Hi all, I'm still getting the frankenjetta ready for winter in Alaska.
I'm still trying to get a glow relay installed in the converted jetta.

A kind soul pulled what looked like a glow relay harness and sent it to
me, but alas it was something close but not quite right. (maybe a fuel
pump relay?? right number of sockets, but the plugs aren't big enough
for the relay.)  :(

The junkyards up here won't cut wires, $100 for the glow plug harness
(with everything else attached).  I can still buy the plastic plate that
everything clips into, but nothing with the female-spade connectors and

The jetta is a converted 8v, so there is a plug on the fuse box, but the
glow system is all wired through a push-button right now, and it would
be easier just to attach wires than to fiddle with the "real" wiring

Anyone have a glow plug relay harness (I'm thinking of the one on my 81
pickup) that I can $$??  (Before I bite the bullet and head down to
radio shack and get out the soldering iron?)


Chugiak, AK
81 vw 1.6L NA diesel pickup 
94 vw 1.6L TD frankenjetta
and of course the minivan :)

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