[Vwdiesel] '93 EV DSL - more bizarre goings-on

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Aug 7 12:21:02 EDT 2005

respectfully, I don't know what you're taking about

Rolf I told you that you -----  was blessed by having a person like LOREN stand by for
advice---JA ?

How do I know ?   ---don't worry kiddo I know --it is called EXPERIENCE.. So why do I care
about you being stuck in the grass --The Tall grass in MA ? --- SIMPLE   ---somebody
always cared to help me on my many travels in the GREAT USA.  ----IMHO is is wondeful
feeling to be able to help somebody  ---and it is IMHO a great feeling to get help --and
know that somebody out there CARES.

Example :    Gary Bangs is a HERO in Hagars Lair --? jepper --bet your sweet ass. I was
stuck with a 1982 Rabbit 1.6L NA  --pump was trashed --and dealer qouted me 5000 dollars
for a new one ---?
I had lots of 1.5L   pumps sitting on the workbench--- can they run a 1.6L VW ?----Gary
Bangs sent me a PM and within the hour my Rabbit was working and still is.

And further  ---the IRS scumbags cleaned out all my Bank accounts. ---so yes I was in the
SOUP lines ?--JA ? not quite but close.

So Rolf ---read all the postings about your Tall Grass experience ---JA ?  --you better.


PS  :   Hagar is not a religious nut ---but I do pray at times.

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