[Vwdiesel] mk2 water seperator

Johann Koenig explosive at hvc.rr.com
Sun Aug 7 21:29:00 EDT 2005

Well, headed to Mountain Creek today in New Jersey. Had a fantastic
time parking. First, tried to park on a hill that was too steep
(parking brake sticks, didn't want to set it, putting it in gear still
cranked the engine over), went to back up, someone pulled in behind me.
Waved them back, and they decided to ram me instead. Just hit the
bumper, so no harm done. Smoked the clutch backing up, had a hell of a
time finding another space, finally went to the edge of the lot and
found some spots. However, there was a 6" water pipe (for making snow)
across the lot. Drove over it where some other people had put a
makeshift ramp, but the person who owned my car previously (1985 GTI
converted to diesel) decided to lower it as well. Felt the pipe
ravaging the undersides. Ripped the water seperator up. Fuel tank is
from the gas car, so the outlet is on top, nothing lost but the fuel in
the seperator. Went to the park, came back around 6 to fix it. Took the
seperator off, cut one of the plastic inlet tubes off and used it to
splice the fuel line, bypassing the seperator.

Now, I have two requests. First, can anyone identify this water
seperator (mk1, mk2, mk3?). Second, I know of a diesel mk2 in a nearby
junkyard, but just in case that seperator is shot too, anyone have one
they're willing to part with? I need the sensor too, mine's been
buggered for a while.

Car pictures at
0003-0007 are the seperator, the rest are other pictures of the car.
all.php is all of them in one convienient page.

-johann koenig
Today is Prickle-Prickle, the 73rd day of Confusion in the YOLD 3171

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