[Vwdiesel] Rabbit exhausts

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I was wondering when someone on this list would say those true words. I have
to agree with you.

On the exhaust you could run a U tube, pop out vertical through the hood and
put one of those flappers on top.

VW obviously didn't care about practical design on these cars, why fight
more than you have to?!

I think the engine is great until it needs service. Stuff like the
thermostat, water pump and all belt driven accessories were obviously
designed in a different shop with no communication with the engine group.
The same nonsense abounds in suspension components, brakes, etc.

I sure wish it was an inline engine, rear wheel drive.  My Jetta needs a
clutch change.


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> Have to say I don't like Rabbits; and I'd like to say that the worst
> design to come through VW was a transverse engine. Why? Was it to save
> a couple of inches in car length? AUDI didnt get the urge!
> However I don't know of a Quantum cabriolet so a Rabbit would be
> tempting for that option. I'd like it to be a TD of course...
> However(again) I think tht toilet bowl connector is a pile of shit
> (Unavoidable due to lever principles?)
> With a CO free diesel whats to stop me putting the exhaust tail out
> uder the wheel arch? That way I could continue with my bolt on
> exhausts...
> Miser
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