[Vwdiesel] Rabbit exhausts

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Mon Aug 8 03:27:53 EDT 2005

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stephensrw at stn.net writes:

> I think the engine is great until it needs service. Stuff like the
> thermostat, water pump and all belt driven accessories were obviously
> designed in a different shop with no communication with the engine group.
> The same nonsense abounds in suspension components, brakes, etc.
> I sure wish it was an inline engine, rear wheel drive.  My Jetta needs a
> clutch change.

  I used to think that until I did my first clutch on one (Rabbit that is).  
Just as easy or easier than my Chev van or Mustang (lighter tranny).  
I hate getting at bolts that are crammed up against the firewall.  A friend 
and I used up 7 hours doing an automatic in a '74 Nova.  Took 1/2 hour 
per bolt around the upper bellhousing!  NASTY!
  If you want to see stupid accessory mounting. Do a water pump on 
a mid 90's 3.0L Dodge mini van.  Took me 9 hours the first time, and 
about 7 less than a year later.  I "fixed" the mounting plate so it'll only 
be about 2 hours next time.  That alone should make that water pump 
last forever!  ;-)

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