[Vwdiesel] Rabbit exhausts

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Mon Aug 8 04:45:29 EDT 2005

Dude, I have never had a problem with that exhaust connection, ever.  I have
alot of vw miles on them too. They are absolutely brilliant, with minor die
grinder work, flow excellent, and can accomodate a 2-1/2" exhaust with ease.
Feel free to send me your old disgusting diesel manifolds and ball flange
simplest thing to install and remove I have ever seen. WITH THE PROPER
TOOL.(the wedge, not that muffler clamp contraption)
Turn a shitload of exhaust studs off someday on a regular exhaust manifold
connection, drill, tap, torch. and remove these same rust seized broken
studs overhead laying on your back with pools of fresh sparks still
smoldering in your chest hairs and you'll see what I mean.

As to the ease of service...
I agree, there is a different mindset you need to go under the hood of a VW.
It's called RTFM.  It's a simple methodical engine to service including the
ancillary devices.  Agreed, the water pump is harder to get at than a chevy,
but then a chevy motor usually requires a rebuild while you are stiill
wearing the first water pump out on the volks, so changing the chev pump
gets even easier when it's on the engine stand..  Alternators the same- chev
puts them on top so you can change them like socks.  Bosch lasts the life of
the car, so why plunk it on top like a hood ornament?  WHen is the last time
a chev or ford needed a clutch? They usually don't, they last the life of
the car, which is a tiny fraction of the life of a volks, so yeah, you gotta
do the clutch on a volks.  that's like 3 hours by yourself.  It takes longer
than that to do so on my racecar, and that thing is practically naked under
the hood compared to any passenger car, and it's an aluminum T-10, not that
heavy, but heavier than the whole volks transaxle.

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