[Vwdiesel] Rabbit exhausts,etc

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Mon Aug 8 10:19:44 EDT 2005

>>> I sure wish it was an inline engine, rear wheel drive.  My Jetta needs a
>>> clutch change.

>> As far as the clutch in a Jetta- I've done clutches in several vehicles big 
>> and small- front wheel drive-rear whell drive, V-8, V-6, Inline 6, inline 4, 
>> H-4, I don't know of any that I have thought were as easy as the Transverse 
>> Jetta.

To this I would add, especially if I pull the engine / tranny from the car
and do it on the work table.

In my brittle old age, this is so much easier than doing it in the car.

2 axels, a few wires and hoses (time to change the coolant anyway)
Only diesels, of course.
Also, I NEVER remove the manifolds from the head for a simple head gasket
change, even on the TD's.


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