[Vwdiesel] Rabbit exhausts

Tony Boucher cdn_borne at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 8 16:58:27 EDT 2005

Ok. I'll bite on  this one.

I have worked on a lot of exhusts over the years. (Mostly because I drive 
other peoples cast aways) It's been a few years since I actually bought a 

Anyhow: My exhust went on my 86 Golf. I priced a new one at the VW dealer. 
$178 bucks. No thanks. I priced it at the Parts Mart. $120 bucks. No thanks. 
I went to CTC and asked for their cheapest muffler. (I think it came from a 
small GM 4 clyinder ) $44.00 I used some pipe I borrowed off Sandy, my 
muffler clamps and some pursuding. Viola!  Sounds like new again.

I would rather work on a  (older) diesel car exhust than a gas an day! The 
gaser's get so hot, the bolts are impossible to get apart. I don't have a 
set of torchs. :-(


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>Dude, I have never had a problem with that exhaust connection, ever.  I 
>alot of vw miles on them too. They are absolutely brilliant, with minor die
>grinder work, flow excellent, and can accomodate a 2-1/2" exhaust with 
>Feel free to send me your old disgusting diesel manifolds and ball flange
>simplest thing to install and remove I have ever seen. WITH THE PROPER
>TOOL.(the wedge, not that muffler clamp contraption)
>Turn a shitload of exhaust studs off someday on a regular exhaust manifold
>connection, drill, tap, torch. and remove these same rust seized broken
>studs overhead laying on your back with pools of fresh sparks still
>smoldering in your chest hairs and you'll see what I mean.
>As to the ease of service...
>I agree, there is a different mindset you need to go under the hood of a 
>It's called RTFM.  It's a simple methodical engine to service including the
>ancillary devices.  Agreed, the water pump is harder to get at than a 
>but then a chevy motor usually requires a rebuild while you are stiill
>wearing the first water pump out on the volks, so changing the chev pump
>gets even easier when it's on the engine stand..  Alternators the same- 
>puts them on top so you can change them like socks.  Bosch lasts the life 
>the car, so why plunk it on top like a hood ornament?  WHen is the last 
>a chev or ford needed a clutch? They usually don't, they last the life of
>the car, which is a tiny fraction of the life of a volks, so yeah, you 
>do the clutch on a volks.  that's like 3 hours by yourself.  It takes 
>than that to do so on my racecar, and that thing is practically naked under
>the hood compared to any passenger car, and it's an aluminum T-10, not that
>heavy, but heavier than the whole volks transaxle.
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