[Vwdiesel] Searching the archives (& hill climbing)

Tony Boucher cdn_borne at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 9 15:42:51 EDT 2005


Why did you move to the top of a mountain?

Tony, Curious in Ottawa. :-)

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>Steve asked:
> > If there is another way to do this, I don't know about it, (Hagar's
> > suggestion of searching the archives sounds good, but I have yet to find 
> > search tool to do that on this list, Is there a search utility?
>Google is your friend. Add "vwdiesel site:www.audifans.com" (minus the
>quotes) to your search phrase.
>I'm just about to go search for any writing about climbing hills in a
>1.6 NA (82 Rabbit, 4 speed -- well, the knob says 1-2-3-E but I haven't
>identified the code). I have just moved to the top of a mountain and the
>last hill has an elevation increase of about 600' in just over a mile.
>Hitting the bottom of the hill in 4th at 70 mph and I'm just barely able
>to be doing 35 at the top with the temperature gauge about 3-4 lines
>higher.) I downshift to 3rd at around 50 mph. When that starts seeming
>really slow I go into 2nd for a while, but I'm not sure if I would be
>better off just leaving it in 3rd.
>Topo map of said hill  (from the 625 at the top to the 1207 near the
>(P.S. Enjoying Hagar's stories and NASA commentary -- my work email
>address ends in nasa.gov).
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