[Vwdiesel] Diesel particulate filters make the grade in Alberta

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Aug 9 17:07:19 EDT 2005

Me Hagar is a child of the BIG particle generation.   --- and funny thing we thought
nothing of IT.----all the trains and all the ships and all the power-plants belched black
smoke ---- If you saw Mary Poppins ?      and the black smudge on all of London UK ?
from coal ?   --then you know what I am talking about. ----The train taking Harry Potter
to Hogwarts ?   smoked ? you bet.

Enter the "GREENIES"   ---they were right ----BUT they were too extreme.----lets do it in
an orderly fashion.------NOBODY who has seen  the Ruhr and the works of Krupp   or
Pittburg or Sudbury Kanada----or the Ruskie industrial centers-----can put up a good
argument against the Greenies.

So Yes count me in on Kyota and filters on diesels ----and so on.   ------Me Hagar is
absolutely convinced that WE can make Nuclear power safe --and store the waste
properly.-----And I am absolutely sure that there are millions of you out
there ----thinking .----If only I was 18 with what I know NOW ? about cars and power and
pollution. -----we sure as hell could make one BIG difference.
I feel pretty good because the Hillbilly Tuning of VW's   in the long run will save tons
of fuel and cut down on Particular Pollution.------I have NOT seen any smoke from Bunny
Bondos ass   for a long long time ---not even in sunlight and so on ----and so little
soot-loading in OIL   that it blows my mind.-----yet she performs ----she is NOT a
slug.-----20 years and doing better than 50 miles on a gallon ?   hell I would have been
happy with 50 miles on a gallon Imp.-----Hagar proud as a PEACOCK.  ---ok ok you guys
deserve credit ------and you do.  ---I did NOT do this alone.


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