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Hagar sez  :    Hillbilly Tuning is a misnomer ------the TUNING is a highly sophisticated
, scientific approach   to getting a Diesel (VW)  to perform. ---To your individual

In Hagars case I go for a complete and perfect combustion cycle ----NOT MAX miles or MAX

If you get 43 miles on a gallon ?   ----do NOT touch a thing . you are A OK.

But the Hillbilly TUNING was a very complex system --mostly aimed at EXPERIMENTERS  or
perfectionist  like Gavrik Peterson. -----it is mainly a way of compensating for WEAR in
old Rabbits.----
The normal TIMING system will NOT work if things are worn. ---So what we do is this we
TUNE for performance ----any Performance you like ---BUT you must know how to do it.

This procedure is mainly aimed at OLD Rabbits  ---1.5L NA 1.6 L NA  and turbos.   and it
will do just fine on ECO models.-----If you are a physics type  ---you will have NO
problems following these procedures.

Here is a summary of the procedures. :    First the FUEL ---do a rudimentary test  look up
Fuel 101.---then the Pressure in pump ----those two are the worst of all
problems.-----then we go on to Compression ----and setting of Injectors ---I can go on all
night ----but you must go study diesel Management by Robert BOSCH.  ----the Fueling and
idling adjustments are important and  ----- one thing I learned from Loren -----get NEW
NOZZLES .----yes old nozzles can be cleaned ----I did it  ---but in the tester ?   a glass
eye looks good ? JA   but it sees nothing.------HE was so right.

Part of Hillbilly tuning is setting the pressure in each injector according to condition
of THAT cylinder.

So if you set them all the same ? --BUT the compression is not all the same ?  JA you do
get  less than optimum performance. ---JA ?  ---bet your sweet ass.      So you all see
this is a very  scientific way of going about it.-----NO NOT needed if transportation is
ALL you want.-----BUT I Hagar is an experimenter. ----and signing off let me say that
moving the pump or the Fueling screw ?  a pencil line ? ----  BULL ---you got to get down
to half a line.-----sure feels good when that Piano is tuned --right on --EH ?  -JA
? -----TUNING is a good word    ----in a while you can listen to that Diesel  ---and you
will know when she sounds happy-----NO SHIT.

I am quoting  Feyman  -----science --is Observe -Reason-Experiment.   ---so Hagar is a
homemade scientist.


PS : sure like those Feymans Lectures on Physics.

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