[Vwdiesel] ID on inj pump?

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Tue Aug 9 23:25:28 EDT 2005

At 06:09 PM 8/9/05 -0700, you wrote:
>Today I finally received a used inj. pump I got off Ebay. I bought it because 
>it appeared to be a 1.9 AAZ style pump modified with Vanagon throttle 
>brackets, and had what I thought was electric cold start advance. (a 2nd 
>electrical connection with a solenoid and a metal line leading from it. Now I 
>see the pump has the mechanical cold start advance, so I'm wondering if I 
>am wrong in my assumption about this 2nd solenoid. It appears that it may 
>be a secondary fuel cutoff for the delivery pump perhaps?
>The pump part # is 068 130 110N.
>Can someone shed a bit of light on this please? Thanks!\

>From the A3 Bentley, page 23-5

"Load dependant timing cut-off"

"The injection pump is equipped with load-dependant timing and boost
pressure enrichment. The load dependant timing function retards pump timing
during low engine loads for better fuel economy and lower emmissions.
In order for the boost pressure ("space-ship") enrichment to function,
load-dependant timing retard must be turned off during high boost/load


Checking the wiring diagrams reveals this actuator is operated by the A3s
glow timing controler, a much more complicated gizmo than the old glow
timing relay.
Among other things, it turns on the glow plugs when the driver opens the
drivers door, times for a while as you get seated and insert the key, then
lets the engine be started almost immediately.. It also runs an after-start
glow-on timer to improve early cold running and reduce emissions..
It has inputs from the door switch, the coolant temp sensor, an ambient air
temp sensor, the tach signal from the alternator, and for all I know
measures the pressure of your ass in the seat to make sure you really got in
the car.

If you are retro-fitting this pump to an NA engine, forget about that gizmo
altogether. Leave it there to plug the hole, but do not connect anything to it.
If you are fitting it to a 1.9TD, and want to do all the agony, you will
have to get a module from an A3 golf or jetta and duplicate the whole
system. Again, I suggest you forget about it and just pollute a little more,
and enjoy the power


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