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Wed Aug 10 21:07:02 EDT 2005

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dsloan at DRAKE.EDU writes:

> >I have NEVER compared my Rabbit acceleration to a shuttle launch.....the
> >imagery is wonderful though.

Yeah, thought I misread that at first!  I HAVE however been out on the 
freeway (presumed 70mph speed even though it's posted at 60mph) and 
flat out forgot I wasn't driving a Turbo!  That little 1.5 was actually 
THAT good between 60 and almost 75.  I let off when I realized how fast 
it accelerated.  Also made it up some fairly steep, freeway hillage holding 
almost 70mph as well that trip.  They don't do that out of the box and don't 
seem to without a yellow dot pump either.

> >My comparisons have been: floor it, (fumigate the convertible behind me),
> >and the bunny says, "I'll think about going now..."

  Sounds almost like a Mercedes!  Light turns green, floor it, engine starts 
to rev, turn the page in your book, car starts to move, by the time you cross 

the intersection you can mark the next page, set your book down and 
start paying attention to traffic!
  Just spent the afternoon dinking with getting the Dasher back to 
driveable.  It ended up sitting for about a year.  Ran Dieselpurge 
through it earlier and that helped a lot but it still smoked profusely, 
had no power and rattled to beat heck when accelerating, IF you 
could call it accelerating.  :-P  Checked the valves, one intake at 
.006" and the rest were fine.  Not enough to cause it.  Ran the 
injectors.  They all were pissy.  Disassembled, thumbnailed the 
pintle tip, rinsed and reassembled and 3 of 4 worked great the 
first time!!!  That's a first!  Took 3 tries for the fourth one.  Ran 
better, smoked much less but still rattly.  Remounted the BAE 
supplied air cleaner assy to the car instead of the top of the 
intake so now the hood will close and it doesn't rattle itself off 
the engine either!
  I'm thinking it's old fuel and that's the remainder of the problems. 
The Dasher always was a lot slower on the bottom end than my 
Rabbit too.  Was only fun on the highway but we had 55mph back 
then and heavily patroled so not MUCH fun.  :-P

> >Or is this shuttle like acceleration done at a particular RPM?

  Yeah, after the turbo and propane kick in!  ;-D

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