[Vwdiesel] Rabbit as shuttle

Mark LaPlante laplante at mac.com
Wed Aug 10 22:23:58 EDT 2005

Rabbit pushing me back into the seat...nope. In the Mythbusters pilot 
episode they attached a rocket to the top of a car.

Just for kicks, on the way home today I kept accelerating in 2nd past 
the 2 dots on the speedo (on level highway). Never hit zero g, though I 
chickened out about 5 mph over the dots. The rest of the way home, the 
upshift idiot light kept telling me to shift even though I was already 
in "E" and doing 70 mph. I guess it was having shuttle aspirations.

Loren, I'm planning to just look up the gear ratios in the owner's 
manual, whenever I get around to unpacking the box it is in. If it 
doesn't seem right, THEN I will crawl under the car. 8^)


On Aug 10, 2005, at 8:07 PM, vwdiesel-request at vwfans.com wrote:

> I have NEVER compared my Rabbit acceleration to a shuttle launch

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