[Vwdiesel] ID on inj pump?

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 00:48:43 EDT 2005

I was talking about the water temp cold start thing. 
I must have missed the load sensing retard part.  How
would that help my car run smoother in the cold

What does this thing (the water temp cold start
thing)look like?  Does anything have a picture?  Or
better yet, anyone have one they'd sell?  If not, what
is the "official" name?  I know none of the cars in
any of the salvage yards around here will have one.



--- LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:

>   Which?  The load sensing retard, or the water temp
> cold start advance?
> The retard should bolt right on, the advance might
> with the bracket that 
> they are mounted to. If not then it'd be fairly easy
> to adapt that part.  The 
> biggest pain would probably be rerouting the heater
> bypass (?) water 
> through it.  Which really isn't that hard, just
> takes more thought.  ;-)
>      Loren
> In a message dated 8/10/2005 9:29:06 AM Pacific
> Standard Time, 
> vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com writes:
> > I like that idea for the 'vert.  Never came up
> with a
> > cold start mechanism.  
> > 
> > Will this work on any old 1.6 pump, or does it
> have to
> > be that special one he got in the ebay auction?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > 
> > David
> > 

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