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I think we are used to calling that metal wall between the engine compartment that the speedo cable, brake control rod and steering wheel shaft protrude through the "firewall".  In fact the floor which this wall morphs into, and any removable engine cover inside a van interior are also technically part of the "fire wall".  If you breached the firewall with your engine air inlet you have by definition vented to a non engine area.  That leaves the trunk and passenger compartment in most vehicles.  Sorry for any confusion at my end.

BTW, don't poo-poo the advantage of running your car from farts. If the people that we elect to look after the big stuff keep mismanaging resources while working for not the tax paying public, but the big greedy corporations, farts may soon be the only hydrocarbon fuel we have access to!  Man I wish I was kidding. :(

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  The firewall in the vanagon is between the engine and a space above the transmission.  My aircleaner is in that space.  None of the plumbing or filter enters the passenger compartment.  I realise from my previous post that it was unclear that I was talking about my vanagon.  I will add propane, and do occasionally suffer from flatulance. 


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