[Vwdiesel] Argh! freeze plug fell in block!

Shawn Wright swright at zuiko.sls.bc.ca
Sat Aug 13 14:12:00 EDT 2005

I went to tap in the freeze plug in the end of the block (access for int. shaft) 
and it seemed too loose. So I tried to get it out, and it fell right into the 
block! It is the same size plug I used on the 3 coolant holes on the block, 
so I don't understand why it is so loose - EKTA says they are the same 

Any ideas? Should I just get the next size plug and try it? I guess I need to 
pull the pan, unless I can work the plug out the oil tube hole (vanagon oil 

Shawn Wright
'85 Jetta D 
'88 Westy 2.1L, soon to be 1.6TD 5 speed
 (see progress at http://members.shaw.ca/vwdiesels)
'82 Diesel Westy

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