[Vwdiesel] Quietening Intake System

LBaird119@aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Sun Aug 14 02:00:13 EDT 2005

  I think you need to clarify just what sound you're trying to reduce.  
The injectors themselves don't make much of a sound, certainly not 
that can be heard above any of numerous noises on ANY engine. 
  If you have an intake "rattle" noise, that is usually from loose clips 
holding the air filter cover to the housing/intake depending on if it's 
a NA or TD setup.

In a message dated 8/13/2005 8:59:48 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com writes:

> I'm wondering if there are any strategies to quiet
> down the intake rattle.
> I'm wondering about maybe some kind of "pillow" or
> something to absorb the sound from the injectors.  Is
> there any reason this could hurt something?  What if I
> wrapped them in something like dynamat?

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