[Vwdiesel] Found low compression problem (Long version)

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Aug 14 13:47:17 EDT 2005

Thanks Steve

Steve   Me Hagar  read your thread with interest. ---- IMHO   as a troubleshooting
procedure  , filling the cylinder with oil is a superb way of doing things  --belongs in
everybody's file of NIFTY ways of doing things---like Blotter testing. ect.
I have used that test for a lot of years and on a LOT of cylinders.

Now about the "Archive"  ---- yes you are right it is NOT SIMPLE to use. (I was there)

Here is how I did it  :   I started reading way way back ----then I found out who was good
at what . ?---JA?   ----boy oh boy did it work.   The total knowledge about many many
things  ---right at my fingertips --for simply asking ?  MINDBOGLING.
 Information about " Metals "  and properties ?    Bet your sweet ass ---read James Hansen
.  ---Electrical and glow-plugs ?   read  Roger Browns  home page . ---get the drift ?
Then    put your ear to the track ---a train for Hogwarts coming ? EH ? JA . bet your
sweet ass .

Starting point for "Newbies" ----read LOREN    ---and I mean all of it. (Not light

If you read Loren then ALL the rest is a piece of APPLE PIE .


PS :   and yes I like to see the pictures ----old Rabbits with broken rings  stuck rings ?
is common.---I shall explain why some other time.

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