[Vwdiesel] Filtering Lubes and Fuels. 101 --- ( for beginners )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Aug 16 11:04:30 EDT 2005

Hot dam NOT a FRAM  ?  --remember ?.

When I first stumbled in to this super forum for Old Rabbit owners. (in my case Old Rabbit
and Old owner)-I took a lot of Texas Triple A --(AAA) and static.  (a pun).
Chuck Carnohan and others came to my rescue.  ----so I am still here. and still wears the
Hillbilly Title with pride.

First in a Rabbit diesel   cleanliness IS godliness ---read my lips.   Some years ago I
was in charge (as a janitor) of OIL testing and cleaning. Major Corporation.----SO
  --well that gave me access to some very fancy equipment.---and a genuine Chemist at my
every wish. Being a relentless experimenter did I learn something ?  ---  bet your sweet
ass. -----A filter is simply a "Screen" --the smaller the holes ? NO NO NO absolutely
wrong. ----Feyman :  Observe --Reason-Experiment. ----and that is what I did.

Turns out that a lot of particulate is removed by the electricity in the Fuel and the LUBE
oil. yes "STATIC"

This is where I owe  Doyt Echelberger a lot ---it is part of PHYSICS.  ---ok OK I know
some of you are University stuff----but remember Hagar is NOT.-------So to treat your
Rabbit good --? well you need a smattering of Physics-Chemistry-Electricity- and BIG dose
of analytical thinking.

The Electrical properties of the Oil is very important to how the filtering system
works.----Some syn -oils are excellent in that department.---Ask your wife what she knows
about STATIC cling ---then you will know I am correct. ---.


PS : I still like the word CLEANING best.

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