[Vwdiesel] Honda diesel MPGs

Arnie Grubbs vhuntertdi at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 12:21:47 EDT 2005

The only thing is that according to Google, it is only
43.5 MPG.  Not bad, but a TDI can beat that.  I
thought Honda had developed a car that achieved 100 or
200 MPG?  (Although if you look closely, that video is
from June of 2003, so maybe they've developed it way
further since then.)

Anyway, Diesel technology is always interesting to me.



I think you are compairing apples and oranges... It gets
43.x MPG.. but in what... and at what kind of emissions levels.
Put the 1.9 TDI in what ever car they had tested in, and I doubt
that you would get the same MPG as it was doing in the VW machine. 
Transmissions, areo-drag co-eff of the car, (drivers style), and 
accessories being driven make a big difference.

My Jetta TDI has gotten as high as 55 MPG on a long run (hiway 800+ miles on 1 tank),
and as low as 39.8 on a long run (hiway 450 miles).  Reasons for that is speed, 
wind drag, and accessories running.  55 MPG at 75MPH, slight
tail wind, cool temps and no A/C.  39 MPG with 2 other people in car, 65 MPH,
3 bikes in bike rack catching the wind, 25-30 mph head wind and A/C on.

Heck, my 7100lb '03 4x4 truck with 5.9L TDI (cummins) has averaged 24+ MPG on a 650mile
tank, and 23.8 on the fill after that (575mile trip).   Wonder if the TDI would be
able to make 24 MPG dragging 7100 lb up and down hills with as much wind drag as
my truck presents...?

If you look at the new PD TDI's in the passat, with compareable power outputs,
their MPGs are very close to what Honda reported..  And I don't think the North American
TDI meet the Euro level 4 emissions like the Honda does either.  Emissions tuneing
can have a bad effect on MPG's I think..

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a 'honda hugger', but then, I would probably
not own a VW if it were not for the diesel engine either.  Honda does have a
reputation of relyability for their cars, which I think the newer VW's lack..

If 'they' (Honda/Toyota/Nissian) came out with that engine in a car 'over here', giving
people the option of another place to get a fuel eff. diesel in a car or small SUV at a
reasonable price, I think that VW might have a fight on their hands. 'specially with
VW trying to "upscale" their image.. 
(would YOU buy a $50K SUV from VW even with the V10 TDI ?? I don't think I would!) 
Just my US$.02 on it.  and even thats not worth what it used to be!

Arnie G
 (still looking at the rabbits in the back yard, hopeing to get to work on them soon)

PS.. those Honda diesel are 'by definition' "TDI" - Turbocharged Direct Injected diesels,
     just like my '03 Dodge Cummins engine. Even though the Dodge is a CRD too, 
      (common rail diesel) like the VM Motori diesel engine D/C puts in the Jeep Liberty.
     None of these are indirect injected like the older diesels, and all have a t'charger on 'em. 
     Now MAYBE VW has 'trademarked' TDI to mean their engines I dunno,  but thats a different
story.. :)


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