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David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 14:46:02 EDT 2005

Hey Arnie-

All good and valid points.  

That video, when givng the mileage, didn't say for
sure what car that the engine was installed in.  It
did mention the Civic a couple times, so I'll assume
that is their intention.

I'd say that a Civic would probably be the most
comparable to a Jetta.

I guess I stand kind of corrected too...

I just called the dealership, and the new Jettas are
rated at 42 MPG highway (I think that was w/auto), the
last generation was 46 auto, 49 manual.  (According to
the salesman.)  He mentioned that the newest engine
was rated at 10 hp more.

So, comparing a new Honda to a new Jetta, the mileage
is in fact very similar.

Also, I'm guessing that VW has some claim on "TDI" 
The Honda video kept referring to it as a "CTDi".  I
understand that Turbo Direct Injection can refer to
more than one type of engine.

I'd be interested in how the euro TDI engines do for
mileage.  I know they make more power (partially)
because they are able to take advantage of the higher
quality fuel mandated by european laws.

I guess in reality I was a little disappointed because
I was expecting the mileage to work out to something
like 100 MPG like that special test car they're
working on.

That and I do like VWs more than Hondas, even before I
discovered diesel!  ;-)


--- Arnie Grubbs <vhuntertdi at yahoo.com> wrote:
> David,
> I think you are compairing apples and oranges... It
> gets
> 43.x MPG.. but in what... and at what kind of
> emissions levels.
> Put the 1.9 TDI in what ever car they had tested in,
> and I doubt
> that you would get the same MPG as it was doing in
> the VW machine. 
> Transmissions, areo-drag co-eff of the car, (drivers
> style), and 
> accessories being driven make a big difference.
> My Jetta TDI has gotten as high as 55 MPG on a long
> run (hiway 800+ miles on 1 tank),
> and as low as 39.8 on a long run (hiway 450 miles). 
> Reasons for that is speed, 
> wind drag, and accessories running.  55 MPG at
> 75MPH, slight
> tail wind, cool temps and no A/C.  39 MPG with 2
> other people in car, 65 MPH,
> 3 bikes in bike rack catching the wind, 25-30 mph
> head wind and A/C on.
> Heck, my 7100lb '03 4x4 truck with 5.9L TDI
> (cummins) has averaged 24+ MPG on a 650mile
> tank, and 23.8 on the fill after that (575mile
> trip).   Wonder if the TDI would be
> able to make 24 MPG dragging 7100 lb up and down
> hills with as much wind drag as
> my truck presents...?
> If you look at the new PD TDI's in the passat, with
> compareable power outputs,
> their MPGs are very close to what Honda reported.. 
> And I don't think the North American
> TDI meet the Euro level 4 emissions like the Honda
> does either.  Emissions tuneing
> can have a bad effect on MPG's I think..
> Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a 'honda hugger',
> but then, I would probably
> not own a VW if it were not for the diesel engine
> either.  Honda does have a
> reputation of relyability for their cars, which I
> think the newer VW's lack..
> If 'they' (Honda/Toyota/Nissian) came out with that
> engine in a car 'over here', giving
> people the option of another place to get a fuel
> eff. diesel in a car or small SUV at a
> reasonable price, I think that VW might have a fight
> on their hands. 'specially with
> VW trying to "upscale" their image.. 
> (would YOU buy a $50K SUV from VW even with the V10
> TDI ?? I don't think I would!) 
> Just my US$.02 on it.  and even thats not worth what
> it used to be!
> Arnie G
>  (still looking at the rabbits in the back yard,
> hopeing to get to work on them soon)
> PS.. those Honda diesel are 'by definition' "TDI" -
> Turbocharged Direct Injected diesels,
>      just like my '03 Dodge Cummins engine. Even
> though the Dodge is a CRD too, 
>       (common rail diesel) like the VM Motori diesel
> engine D/C puts in the Jeep Liberty.
>      None of these are indirect injected like the
> older diesels, and all have a t'charger on 'em. 
>      Now MAYBE VW has 'trademarked' TDI to mean
> their engines I dunno,  but thats a different
> story.. :)

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