[Vwdiesel] Honda 2.2L diesel Mileage

Wade Yorke wade at carsand.com
Tue Aug 16 19:58:35 EDT 2005

	Keep in mind that the mileage figures are for a Honda Accord which is 
a larger car than the Jetta and the engine is larger, more powerful and 
more refined (less vibration and quieter).  If Honda builds the diesel 
as good as they build a gas engine it should outlast the competition.  
Although I have a 1.9TD in my Westfalia and have had VW in the past, I 
highly respect the Honda engines.  	I have a 1990 Accord with 316,000km 
and no motor work except for plugs and timing belt and uses 1/2 
liter/5,000km.   I also have a 2001 Accord that I purchased with 
185,000km on it and it runs like brand new.
The good thing about the possible introduction of European diesels will 
not only be more choice but the price of used diesels should come down. 
  Used VW diesels are priced out of sight.  The VW Lupo diesel (two 
sizes smaller than the Golf) goes 3.6l/100km.

Here is a link to audio of the Honda Diesel (you have to click the 
CHANGE button to get the bird to swing the hammer).

Wade Yorke
Nova Scotia
'84 Westy 1.9TD

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