[Vwdiesel] Honda 2.2L diesel Mileage

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Aug 17 01:22:22 EDT 2005

Shawn Wright and all  :    I have followed this discussion for some time now  and being a
HONDA fan and diesel type ...--- may I make a few remarks.?

To design and prove a good Diesel for a car is a very costly affair. .  Look at Volvo
they have one of the best diesel design teams in the world  --BUT they are using the VW
design.   and now the Japanese are doing the same thing --sorry I forgot the make Toyota
  ---why ?    .  Simple economics.-----like I said for a long time --the first day I took
a VW 1.5L NA completely to pieces ?   WOW what a design.

It is a masterpiece if ever there was one.---- I get in troubles up here in REAL diesel
land  --when I mention  a diesel without sleeves. ---Those REAL diesel mechanics call them
throw away diesels .
I thought they were going to throw me away ---from the local watering hole.When I
mentioned that I own a Lister ---they said I could stay.

I agree with those who said lets wait and see for a while ----let the Honda prove it got
the Wright stuff.
The VW Lupo is well proven design by now---and it is Aluminium  ATMI ----and it sure get
the Smileage.
I talk to a guy in Copenhagen just about every day, who owns one --got it brand new.  He
is tickled pink with it.

The curse of diesels  ? ---its weight.    ---- I like the VW --as fragile as it is ---a
GOOD operator can make them sing. Look at Val Christian --he kept them going from
977  --probably the first sold in   - in --Entire State.
We get them cheap (old Rabbits)  in part due to the book  Lemon-Aid.---- My dream is to
take one right across North Amerika -----I just watched the Amerikan Vacation  (Lampoon
version)  Griswald goes to Wallyworld LA from Chicago.---makes me wanna go. That is my
LAST will  ---Lord let me go.


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