[Vwdiesel] Fw: OT Diesel Cummins 5.9 "Performance"

Gerry Wolfe gjwolfe at telus.net
Wed Aug 17 01:41:39 EDT 2005

>I attended the drag races at the Port Alberni airport over the weekend. 
>Jeez, what a nostalgic weekend - lotsa 60's Chevy II's and Camaros and 
>'Stangs and 'Cudas just having a great old time.
> Harbour City Diesel (a Nanaimo off-road tuning company) has a pickup with 
> a 5.9L Cummins diesel power.  With street tires, turned low 12sec ETs 
> (said he basically got it moving and then feathered wheelspin until it 
> could hook up).
> Engine has twin sequential turbos, pumping out about 100PSI.  Dyno's at 
> close to 1500 ft/lb torque.  Redlines around 4500rpm.  Says limiting 
> factor is fuel pump capacity.  Owner is looking at running 10sec ETs when 
> he gets the fueling right without any more major mods.
> BTW, ran a couple of passes low 12's, blew up a turbo on third pass.
> This truck looks like a stocker (except for a pair of pipes exiting behind 
> the cab, ala big diesel).  Put out a buncha smoke on startup.
> Jeez, gotta getme ona these!!!
> rgds, g. 

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