[Vwdiesel] Argh! freeze plug fell in block!

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Wed Aug 17 11:11:11 EDT 2005

I went to tap in the freeze plug in the end of the block (access for int. shaft)
and it seemed too loose. So I tried to get it out, and it fell right into the
block! It is the same size plug I used on the 3 coolant holes on the block,
so I don't understand why it is so loose - EKTA says they are the same

Any ideas? Should I just get the next size plug and try it? I guess I need to
pull the pan, unless I can work the plug out the oil tube hole (vanagon oil

Shawn Wright

Here is Hagars take on the issue :     Val Christian and Hagar has done all manner of
experiments on a 1.5L NA sitting here in the driveway.   ---So this morning first light
(in the rain) I tapped in the plug.
The plug is in my hand right now-----I see no numbers on it ----it is 1.4 inch US plus 40
thou US.
metal thickness 55 thou inch US.-----STUPID  ---crap  --it is a metric design and here I
sit with a caliper made by Metric Japanese for USA market. 0.001 graduations. --Plug will
fall in to sump -- IMHO  will not do any harm if left there. -----Remove next time you
remove sump.

Why is it there ?  IMHO is is only a "dustcover" no need for a tight fit  only crank case
it is there because a place for lineboring bearings  at that end  of engine is needed--
the hole is the steady point for boring bar. ---   Can it be removed if you have her in a
sling still ?  --I think so.


PS :     enjoy --- have fun---

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