[Vwdiesel] OT: Shipping windows and a bumper

LBaird119@aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Thu Aug 18 02:53:28 EDT 2005

  I did have UPS lose a speedometer. Never to be found and of course I NEEDED 
it for a LONG trip!  In their defense I just bought a Trace 4KW inverter.  It 
was basically, poorly packaged and HEAVY!  The most that MIGHT have been done 
to it was the mounting ears may have gotten bent a tad.  May have been that 
way before shipping too.  (used).  They've done really well by me 99% of the 
time.  I do have a problem with insurance reimbursement going to the shipper 
when it's an individual.  Had an antique radio broken due to the seller not 
realizing the chassis has all the "m."  Add a little "v" to that and it'll pull 
right out of the cabinet when not braced.  He got reimbursed.  I ended up out the 
money and with small pile of kindling and scrap metal.  :-(

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