[Vwdiesel] Honda 2.2L diesel Mileage

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Thu Aug 18 08:20:09 EDT 2005

What about fibre sprockets?
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: Mark Shepherd wrote:
: >
: >...Wouldnt take much to convert; just a few castings and an oil
: >supply/drain or maybe a good greasing. Would the noise be heard?
: >Miser...
: >
: >
: >
: Gears would be noisier.  They're working hard to make these things
: acceptable to the motoring
: public, who mostly believe that a car should be absolutely silent
: Buick Roadmasher.
: We're a subset of autodom that likes noisy....   Ah, a 24V cummins
: the morning... nothing finer...

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