[Vwdiesel] Honda 2.2L diesel Mileage

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 Old Volvo 4 cylinder engines had fibre cam gears; fairly high failure rate. Probably not a good idea for an interference engine. Mild helical grind would be fairly quiet, especially since the trend now seems to be encasing the whole engine in plastic covers. Makes me gag.
Bob in the Entire State
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What about fibre sprockets?
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: Mark Shepherd wrote:
: >
: >...Wouldnt take much to convert; just a few castings and an oil
: >supply/drain or maybe a good greasing. Would the noise be heard?
: >Miser...
: >
: >
: >
: Gears would be noisier.  They're working hard to make these things
: acceptable to the motoring
: public, who mostly believe that a car should be absolutely silent
: Buick Roadmasher.
: We're a subset of autodom that likes noisy....   Ah, a 24V cummins
: the morning... nothing finer...

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