[Vwdiesel] VW Lupo Age Query for Mark or anyone !

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Thu Aug 18 21:27:04 EDT 2005

What year was the earliest diesel Lupo made for the UK and/or European
I just checked ebay in the UK and didn't see any older than a 99.

Interesting lil wee car that Lupo !

Just got back from a car show with my Mini and had small diesels on the
brain on the way home.
The price of gas/diesel has made a rapid jump here recently, rising roughly
30 cents per liter in the last year alone, so more and more we are all
thinking "fuel efficient cars".

I imported my current 87/<77 gas engined> 998cc Mini (42-43MPG imperial),
but won't drive it in the winter.

The VW Lupo kinda had me goin' , Hmmmmmmmm, I wonder if that's my NEXT car ?

Problem is, a car has to be 15 years old to enter Canada from abroad. (25 in
the USA, generally speaking)

(did see a 66 Beetle imported from Brazil and a 80's Vanagon (gas) too.

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