[Vwdiesel] Honda 2.2L diesel Mileage

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All big diesels have gears.  My 855 cubic inch cummins in the tractor has
them.  Bulletproof, almost.  Indestructable when compared to a belt.  The
gears are slightly angle cut, and are hardly noisy at all.   The chebbys
that have the aftermarket cam gear replacement have two versions you can
order.  Noisy, and quiet.  Noisy ones are for those wanting the blower
"whine", angle cut ones are for those of us that *ahem* don't want people to
know they are in there. Sort of like tuner car exhausts.  There's fast cars,
noisy cars, and fast noisy cars that get stopped by officer friendly.  Most
of the second ones never move past noisy... :-)
Quiet gears let you set the cam timing where you want it. Chains and belts
are pretty bad for exact cam timing unless you spend a lot of cash on stuff
labelled Jesel and such, but they are not built for high mileage anyway.

Fibre gears are for meccano sets, not motors. Someone forgot that at GM one
day, and look what happened.

I have had a cam gear on a 3406A cat destruct with spectacular results. Not
cool at all, especially the second time.

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Gears are employed like this in my large 480(?) cu.in. 4-cylinder
International diesel engine for my TD-14A crawler loader.  I expect that
they would work in the VW application and would certainly end the problems
associated with belt accidents killing an otherwise good engine.  In my
experience, aftermarket camshaft drives for chevy V-8 automotive engines
using gears to replace a chain are really noisy however.  Noise may be a
factor in the car engine setup on a VW.  Personally, I'd happily put up with
more noise for increased reliability and improved accessory drive access on
this nice little engine.


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