[Vwdiesel] NASA TV and crew photographs of Hagar

Mark LaPlante laplante at mac.com
Fri Aug 19 03:20:34 EDT 2005

>NASA  satellite channel has an EDUCATIONAL  component ?  bet your sweet ass. And if you
>work for NASA  (I think Roger Brown did )  --- I tip mein hatt .

At work I'm an ISS flight controller. During loss-of-signal (LOS) 
periods I sometimes catch bits of SciFiles 
(http://scifiles.larc.nasa.gov/) where kids go from place to place 
discovering the science behind some phenomenon (why is the sunset red, 
etc.). They also have some nice older science and math shows sometimes. 
Here is the NASA TV Education Files web site with schedule, etc:


You can also stream the channels over the web: 

>PS : I am on channel 213  NASA  . ----blows my socks off. Yes I saw Hagar waving on the
>camera  from ISS. ---OK OK I saw the exact spot were Hagar was waving.  To see the station
>with the shuttle hooked up I use a Binocular  20 X 65    Kurt Mueller  Serial No : 173778
>And Loren it passed pretty close to the Apple Cider grove.  And yes I was looking and
>waving in real time.
>It was CAVU here.

Go here and click Find Photos to see if the ISS crew photographed your 
waving! http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/

Diesel content: I drive my Rabbit to work. I've noticed about a 5% 
discrepancy between the odometer and mile post signs (the odometer will 
be about half a number short of a full revolution at each mile marker). 
So, I guess I'm getting around 42 mpg at mostly 70 mph.

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