[Vwdiesel] Mileage test of Rabbit 1984 --- ( Smileage August 2005 )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Aug 19 12:48:31 EDT 2005

Today is   August  19    --- and all is well. --Testing every day.

Some of you wondered what effect it has on drive-ability  ?-- when you get better than 50
miles on a gallon  ----- well here it is. :

Driving Miss. Bondo :  ----to my liking exactly ---the governor and turbo take care of
PROPER acceleration. ---simply step on it  --pedal to the metal  --and all is well.

Now should I need to catch that blonde in the Cabriolet ? flick the LDA on and it will
climb trees -(like Mark Shepherd said)--  for details see National Lampoon Vacation.

POWER or SMILEAGE  --- your choice at the flick of a switch --- what could be better ?

Due to my flunky cum laude English  ---I am going to ask Roger Brown to explain "Soft
start" electrical motors.  ---then you will see that Bunny Bondo  with the LDA off ---
responds like that.
Never NO smoke no matter what. --( Ups I should NOT have said that )----that is a pun for
Loren  I call him Hagrid.

Yes Smileage is nice ---BUT the things that really blew my socks off ?   the clean
ube  ---and the incredible improvement of the turbo ---It howls with glee --even in the
Mall parking lot.

Yes she is Hillbilly Tuned.  ----by a Hillbilly  --CNN --just said that I am a  Hillbilly
Space Geek.----I thought I was a bit of a "Space Kadet"  .


PS :  James Hansen I did read your thread about Stretch Bolts. I have stretched a lot of
bolts in the Tinus Olsen tester when I had access. Now I do mostly Brinell testing
Rockwell ?.We need Bellwille washers under headbolt heads. IMHO. And my friend Sam
Graceffo the steel smelter gave me lessons on steel testing using a simple
rindstone.  --The sparks has it.

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