[Vwdiesel] NASA TV and crew photographs of Hagar

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Aug 19 14:29:11 EDT 2005

At work I'm an ISS flight controller.

Diesel content: I drive my Rabbit to work. I've noticed about a 5%
discrepancy between the odometer and mile post signs (the odometer will
be about half a number short of a full revolution at each mile marker).

Go here and click Find Photos to see if the ISS crew photographed your
waving! http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/

Hagar is stumped for words. ----    while writing this I am watching Robinson  pulling the
fillers ---on a replay. ----------- a Hillbilly solution if I ever saw one.
So now we have UPS and Houston represented here ---things are getting better .
Mark LaPlante  --as you saw Loren gave me hell for my NASA bashing.  ---more on that some
other time.--Loren I take NO offense.  ----My critique of NASA has now been vindicated at
the de-briefing.
NASA called it a test-flight  --so did I  ---It failed and she is NOW grounded. Totally
correct action IMHO.
As a mission ?  ----all went fantastic  ---great job.


PS :  I heard the controller say that  ISS and Discovery was coming up on BC.Coast  --I
ran outside and waved. That pass is on the video tapes.  ---the monetary cutbacks  created
the problems IMHO.
Diesel content ?  sure what would you like ? -- Today I am testing Sandy Camerons nifty
procedure of using a Glowplug as a sensor. ---I started on it yesterday but the battery in
my AVO meter finally crapped out.

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