[Vwdiesel] Glowplugs as Thermistors --- ( works like stink )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Fri Aug 19 20:50:46 EDT 2005

Did the test right here in front of Puter.

1. Brand new plug     2 .   a teaspoon of  MOONshine   3 . Ohm -Meter

cold   0.75  Ohms     ---after a sip of shine ?6.0  Ohms -----Bingo that is all I wanted
to prove.

To celebrate a highly successful test --we empty the shine bottle in to a glass.    Why
not a propane torch ? --no need --and plug still looks brand new.

Analog meter was used.    Weston   model  689   Type 1 F. Excellent Amerikan design.

Now   WHO came up with it first ?   --- Thank You.


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