[Vwdiesel] A2 Diesel Inj. Pump-- N/A vs. Turbo

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	There are a couple of other things to bear in mind for your project.
One is that the ECOs came with catalytic converters in the exhaust system.
The LDA was deleted from the pumps because the additional fuel dump when
it's activated will eventually foul the converter and plug the exhaust
system as thoroughly as a potato in the tailpipe.  Also, the ECO
transmission is fairly short-legged.  Acceleration from stoplights is almost
peppy, but vibration and noise at highway speed is conspicuous, as is the
economy drop at 70.  An FN or similarly long-legged transmission would help
utilize the LDA, but might cost acceleration in town.
	Scott Kair

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I have a '91 ecodiesel that I would like to swap the pump out for a true
turbo inj. pump. I have a replacement pump w/ a LDA. I know that the A2 N/A
diesel pumps look like the turbo pumps because they have an altitude
adjustment LDA on top. Before removing the existing pump, I would like to
confirm that the pump I want to swap ino the Eco is in fact a true turbo
pump w/ boost enrichment and not a N/A pump with a Altitude adjustment LDA.
Is there a quick way to tell? If need be, I have the part #s. I looked in
the archives and didn't find this exact question or answer...



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