[Vwdiesel] stupid clutch cable broke

Johann Koenig explosive at hvc.rr.com
Sat Aug 20 09:52:55 EDT 2005

On Friday August 19 at 08:58pm
Matt <matt_lisa at sprynet.com> wrote:

> There's nothing like taking the Rabbit out for a spin, and having
> the clutch cable snap when you're headed up into the hills!  I drove
> home in second gear, and my luck is so bad, that every light turned
> red on the way back.  I did a lot of backroad driving and u-turns.  I
> think I ran 2 stop signs.  I'm feeling REAL good right now. </sarcasm>

Just so you know, you can shift without the clutch. Accelerate, and
put pressure on the shifter in the direction of the next gear. Let off
the throttle, and when the engine and transmission are at the same
speed (neither is dragging on the other) it will pop out of gear.
Match revs to the next gear, and it will pop in. Works best for
upshifting. I actually do this a lot when I'm feeling lazy, getting up
to speed on the highway and such. The synchronizers prevent you from
grinding real bad, most of the time.

For those of us who have wet clutch motorcycles, its the same principle
as clutchless shifting, albeit with neutral to contend with. I say wet
clutch because I do it on my bike, but do my best to avoid it on my
dad's BMW R80, which has a dry clutch, because he asked me not to.
-johann koenig
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