[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings --OT ----( The Discovery take off ? )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sat Aug 20 11:39:28 EDT 2005

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Subject: Rabbit droppings --OT ----( The Discovery take off ? )

> Today is 20 August 2005. Ms. Discovery is back safe and sound    ----what a girl WOW ?
> I followed the whole thing on TV  from start to finish.  ---- I who saw  Hindenburg
> right above me.?
> That was one FAT   Fraulein.  ---- Here comes the required Diesel stuffing.
> I just know that Mark Shepherd is going to say that we should send up a Rabbit diesel to
> find out if it works in ZERO gravity.   ---I volunteer to go along. ---- I say it will
> work just fine. ---with minor modification to lube system.---Us flyboys knows about
> engines in any position.
> Lifting a 1.5L NA  with your little finger ?  JA ---that's for me --Lifting ?   ---eh
> moving.   Under the NEW   NASA director ----ALL  advice and suggestions will be listened
> to  ---NO more Ms.Hamm in the system.
> Yes even the Janitor can NOW have his say. -----There you go Mark Shepherd ---here is
> chance.
> I am sending my suggestion right now --TODAY-.    If they follow my advice there will be
> black box --a la Airline in the cockpit on the next take off. --   Signal loss is a
> problem ---to monitor from ground is NOT complete.
> The mission  # 11 ?   --- was a glorious performance by NASA  --I tip mein chapeau
> Must be a heartbreak to land and have a Cof A  removed and have the fleet grounded after
> 2.5 years of hard work.----IMHO --a totally correct decision.---Now lets get to work.
> Hagar.     wannabe space Kadet.
> PS :   A blackbox would have landed in crawford intact last  time IMHO. That would have
> given crucial information during signal loss on re-entry. Has Hagar tested foam at
> supersonic speeds ?  Bet your sweet  ass.
> If I have to I shall ask Mark LaPlante to put a slip of paper in the suggestion BOX  for
> me.
> Have I tested LOTS of materials at minus 70 ?   Bet your clammy ass.

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