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Would you be able to put a tarp over the open part of the canoe? Or carry it
correct side up?
How will air affect the ride of your car if too much gets under the canoe
and creates lift?
Airborn A4?

I  know squat about aerodynamics but many on here do. (Proven by the fact I
drive an Austin Mini, which are lovingly called a "brick" LOL)

Interesting !


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> I just turned up with some seed money towards a kayak, somthing I've
> been wanting for a long time (Texas being the land of 10,000 lakes and
> all).  The VW Diesel angle on that is:  anyone have experience putting a
> ~14' kayak atop an A4 TDI?  I put a probably 17' one atop my '85 TD once
> years ago for a few miles and it drove fine at the low speeds I was
> running.  My cousin didin't want to mess up her new Malibu.  I guess she
> was right.  That 64# boat might have buckled that Chevy's roof :)  I
> assume that with a few foam blocks and some stout rope, I should be
> fine, but I have approximately zero experience in these matters.  I
> suppose I could also put some roller scate wheels on a 2X4 and make a
> trailer, but that seems a little excessive.
> Having seen the pictures of the Diesel Cabby with the rather large boat
> in tow, I know it's possible, I'm just curious how performance will be
> affected if at all, what the recommended methods are (foarm blocks vs.
> various roof racks and what makes work well with VWs, not that I can
> afford one), and the like.
> Also, if anyone has any kayak shopping recommendations, feel free to
> contact me off list.  I have a lot of research to do before I buy.
> Thanks!
> -Shalyn
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