[Vwdiesel] Front struts?

Val Christian val at mongobird.com
Sun Aug 21 13:13:13 EDT 2005


I use air impact to tighten the nut, however:

1. Normally there is a bumper/dust boot in place.  The VW style bumper
with dust boot plastic cup, is insensitive to rotation.

2. Aftermarket one piece silicone bumper with bellows dust boots are 
sensitive to rotation, and you will want to tighten everything up
before using a tiewrap (usually supplied) to secure the bottom of the
bellows to the strut cartridge/housing.  I have limited experience with
these dust boots (only two car installations to date) so I can't 
comment on their long term benefit.  however, if you're in a dusty,
sandy or high debris area, they may provide superior top-of-the-strut
seal protection.  They run about $16/pair here.

3. My understanding is that limited rotation of the strut piston will
not harm the strut.  The reality is that front struts rotate during normal 
turning operations.  

4. You may wish to snug up your top bolt on the strut while the strut
is off the car, and do the final tightening once the strut is installed, 
and a load is put on it.  (You may then wish to jack up the car, pop
the wheel off, and tiewrap the dust boot/bellows, if using that kind.)

5. By watching the shaft, you can minimize the amount of turning needed
to tighten the top nut.  You do want to get it off in another 150Kmiles.

Have fun.


> I'm getting ready to overhaul my front end.  On the list it was 
> mentioned to use an air impact gun to loosen/remove the top strut nut. 
> My question is, after installing the new strut, should I use the air 
> impact gun to tighten the top nut, or will it cause internal damage to 
> the strut?
> Thanks,
> Bud
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