[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 189 ---( Why -oh why --DIY ? )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Aug 22 11:57:02 EDT 2005

WHY ?   do Haggard   go DIY ---like a maniac ?  ---Frankly my dear I don't know.  ---to
prove something ? nah --to save money ?  Ja ein bishen   ----  the most important reason
  --I like to do it - is FUN.---- and you will never NEVER run out of new tricks to learn.

How   did I get started  ?  --- an Uncle  Helmuth Oerum  --got me started in about
1935 -----and here I am.----2005.   ---Started with a crystal set (DIY)   now ?   I got
about 10 satellite receivers (none DIY)---------so how do I summarize ?  ---  I started
with paper airplanes  and Now I own a registered  airplane (DIY)   CF-PGH. and CF-ZVB  (
not DIY )--- I started with a pair of roller skates and NOW ?  I drive a RABBIT. diesel
turbo.---sweet Bunny Bondo.--Hitler would be proud as a peacock if he was alive. That is
by far the best VW design of ALL time  --underline VOLKS. ---this is NO luxus
vehicle --this is the finest ALL around vehicle. with four seats and four doors.
(5?) ---mile for mile dollar for dollar a DIY  dream.

Front struts ?  ---piece of Apple Pie --IMHO  ---NO spring compressor needed.  (1980
Rabbits)-   ---------I remove complete strut . Then pry end of spring over edge of lover
spring plate - Then simply unscrew spring .   Then assembly with NO spring  ?   just clamp
cylinder rod in vice and unscrew nut with a socket and breaker bar.

To tighten nut after installation ?   do not use impact is my advice.  ring spanner (box
end?) and Allen wrench is all that you need. ---On ALL threads and so on use LOTS of Never
Zeese marine grade. Then 20 years from now you will never need an impact driver. Anyway
the members I try to help ?--Ja  --usually do not own an impact wrench.

 Do not forget to take Ball bearing apart and inspect --and lubricate.  Never Seeze is
good there.  or dry moly.----then later every year dump a beercap of good oil right on top
of nut --it will find its own way to the balls.

Your friendly STEALERSHIP will NOT sell you a thrust bearing ---BUT they are available
from a commercial bearing shop.They do not wear out (usually) they RUST..--oil needed.

About my Medical Sinkhole ?   --the reason I mentioned it in this forum goes like this  :
I go to hospital for tests ---on the way out a Gestapo guy wants my Drivers License. --NO
more skylarking with my sweetheart Bunny Bondo.---you understand now ?.----WHAT the hell
would I do then ?  -- rot in the Old Volks Home ?---too terrible to even contemplate.

Hagar.    still the feisty old fart

PS :   Eileen Collins commander what a girl. more on her later.

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