[Vwdiesel] Golf droppings!

Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
Mon Aug 22 18:13:17 EDT 2005

Perhaps your injectors are getting a little crusty.  Diesel Purge?  New
Nozzles?  Are you using a cetane booster and additional lube w/ every
tank of diesel?

Chuck in Spudland

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Just got the 86 Golf outta the shop. $333 repairs to brakes, bearings,
Not too bad I guess.
Tanked up on the way home.
900kms exactly (558 Miles) on the ODO
43.048Liters (9.461 gal. Imp.)
58.978 MPG imp.......

Starting to ting/ping a little and blow black sooty smoke..........fuel
screw need adjusting one way or another?

I am a little disspointed. Last tank was 60.05MPG :-(

Mike in  Lobster Land

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